ADA compliance for bathroom grab bars
Know What The ADA Code Is For Bathroom Grab Bars  In an accessible bathroom, grab bars are critical, whether they are in a shower stall or around a toilet. Grab bar code requirements are included in the standard ANSII-ICC A117.1 of the International Code Council. A summary of these[…]
handicap accessibility for bathrooms
Are you looking to buy a toilet for a wheelchair user? Well, you need to consider the size of the bathroom and the structure of the bathroom walls, as well as the type of wheelchair in use and the physical needs of the individual. The federal ADA guidelines states[…]
school division of the state architect
Wheelchair ramps allow disabled people to get into elevated entrance ways. So whether you are trying to enter an office, house, or car, a ADA accessible ramp makes it possible for you to do it independently. The 1990 American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public facilities and newly-constructed[…]
ADA Compliance for restrooms
Handicap bathroom requirements are clearly outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) that was passed by Congress in the year 1990. Per Title III of this act, public accommodations and other services that are operated via private entities must follow ADA bathroom requirements. Herein are contained the particular[…]
casp for websites
In July 1990, George H. W. Bush enacted the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) into a law. It was the foundation of all legal obligations in government agencies and businesses regarding individuals who are struggling with disabilities. This Act has been refined throughout the years by different amendments and[…]
two people discussing level aa conformity
The rise of online businesses has brought with it many advantages. However, some of the businesses don’t take people with disability into account during setup and after. This is where ADA comes in. The Americans with Disability Act aims to protect people with disability by ensuring that businesses take[…]
PC showing Level A Conformity
Level AA conformity is the middle range of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0. This level of conformity indicates compliance with the lower level conformity, A. Consequently, AAA compliance indicates compliance with both A and AA levels. The compliance guidelines help everyone to easily access the content on the[…]
handicap access website review
Every single ambitious brand out there likes to deliver an engaging and user-friendly customer experience. However, the aspect of accessibility is often ignored in most cases. As a matter of fact, one in every five Americans is struggling with physical or mental disabilities at present. An accessible site will[…]
ADA Bathroom services
ADA Access, short for Americans with Disabilities ACT was passed in 1990. This act was passed in an effort to put an end to discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The main purpose of this act was to require commercial facilities as well as public accommodations to become accessible to[…]
bathroom ada compliance inspection services
In order to make it easier to comply with ADA Access regulations regarding disability access and reduce the number of opportunistic lawsuits in the courts, California’s State Legislature enacted SB 1186 in September 2012. This new law builds a stronger framework of procedural requirements for attorneys that file suits relating to[…]

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