two people discussing level aa conformity
AAA is the highest level of website content accessibility guidelines WCAG. This level incorporates level AA and level A. With level AAA, websites need to have completed levels A and AA success criteria. Success criteria involve complying with the requirements and standards of WCAG 2.0. For a website to[…]
school division of the state architect
There are many things that increase disability accessibility in schools, such as touchless sinks, mechanical lifts, and automatic doors. These items increase accessibility for all beyond the requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All of these design elements help students with hearing, sight and cognitive[…]
PC showing Level A Conformity
As easy access of information continues to increase, more people are becoming aware of Americans with Disability Act and what it entails. As such, more people are becoming compliant with the act and making it easier for disabled people to use their websites. With different levels that have evolved[…]
ADA Compliance Regarding Pools and Spas
Providing an equal degree of opportunity for those with disabilities makes up the basic foundation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The publication is meant to assist entities within both title II and title III understand how any new requirements for the likes of swimming pools – particularly those[…]

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